Message from Istana Group's Founder

Message from the Founder
Ginawan Chondro

I thank God for all that He has provided for Istana Group and its related parties. I thank all staff and personnel, all shareholders, all clients and customers, all suppliers and contractors, and all others who have supported Istana Group during all these 22 years. Without all of you, we would not be where we are today.

Before entering the real estate development sector, I have had a diverse experience in setting up business in different sectors: banking, transportation, commodities, manufacturing, and consumer goods. In all these fields, as dissimilar as they are, I have learned that there is a red thread connecting all of them' the most important capital that one can possess is the capital of Trust. Regardless of how good a business plan is, or how well' funded a project is, without the necessary trust from the right set of people, it is hard to pave a smooth road for the business. Trust is the basic foundation on which any business must be built on.

Thus I am very fortunate to have Mr. Edi Sukamto Josana as my business partner in Istana Group. Over the years, I have grown to regard him as not merely a business partner but a friend through thick and thin, an adviser, a brother. From our first project Batujajar Industrial Estate in Padalarang in 1988 to our latest Sofitel Hotel in Seminyak Bali, from our smallest in size de Balepakuan to our biggest Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Bali, together we strive to uphold the values that we consider essential in keeping the reputation of Istana Group in the eyes of our stakeholders. Istana Group is dedicated to providing benefits for all stakeholders: not just profit for the shareholders, but also good returns for investors and added value for end' users of our products.

To you who are unfamiliar with Istana Group, contained in this book is an overview of our projects and accomplishments, offering you a glimpse into our diverse ventures. I hope that we can continue to uphold our pledge of Trust and to provide you with excellent product and exceptional service.

Best regards,

Ginawan Chondro

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